Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct. 21? Destiny? You bet!

John Birks 'Dizzy' Gillespie was born this day(October 21, 1917), in Cheraw, South Carolina.
I was fortunate enough to make the decision to take my jazz Trumpet playing, 71 yr old, jazz buddy, Ms. Scottie Hodge, to the annual South Carolina Jazz Festival.

The South Carolina Jazz Festival is dedicated to the remembrance of their home town son, Dizzy Gillespie. Well, Scottie Hodge is also a home town daughter of Cheraw. As far as I am concerned, two trumpet playing legands came from the little southern town of Cheraw, SC. You would never believe this wonderful woman is almost 71 yrs of age.

This past weekend I stumbled into one of those moments but with a twist. I captured the awakening of a long silent icon.

I have a feeling that this event may be somewhat controversial for a few die hard historians but like one of Dizzy's family members stated, "Instruments are meant to be played..." as they were deciding to let Ms. Scottie Hodge play the iconic symbol of the Jazz and Bebop world, Dizzy's custom, bent horn trumpet! Yes, the trumpet was no longer in the secure display case. It was sitting on stage on Dizzy's leather, long fur lined custom soft case..... waiting to be played at least this one more time.
I was there and the following video captures this special, unexpected, "I never dreamed I would even touch it much less play it." moment for Scottie Hodge.

And, it was played.

To me, what I heard was a loud awakening. Here I am watching this very important instrument that I have only seen on TV, video and print, literally coming to life before my eyes. I can't even imagine what it felt like to Scottie but her smiles tell her story.
This well traveled trumpet seemed to be waking from a long slumber and with it first breath shouting dear notes of its purpose. Shouting, "I am still alive! Listen to me sing!"

Yes, I heard that in my head as I watched the breath of life flow into this special icon of history. I know I will never experience that again.

But, I'm curious as to how the current leaders of the jazz world will respond to this event when they hear about this iconic trumpet coming out from behind the Lexan case.
Here is the video. See for yourself.

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